personal instruction

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Personal Strength & Conditioning Training

Option 1

1 hour long personal training session, completely customizable to your goals and needs. A single session works great if you need a refresher on lifting, form correction, use of climbing specific tools, a one on one climbing session, or just looking for some inspiration and variety in your work outs.

Option 2

This option is an excellent option for people have been stuck at certain level of climbing, or people who want more structure and progression in their climbing.

Do you have a tendency to get injured? We will craft a good program to fight off injury.

Both Options Include

  • A written performance and goal evaluation

  • Body strength testing

  • Finger strength testing

  • Energy system evaluation

Based on your goals and results of the evaluation I will create 6 weeks of individualized programming including climbing sessions plus strength and condition sessions. I will be available to answer any questions you may have with the program or work with you to alter the program is necessary.

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